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Quality of manufacturing



Quality of manufacturingThe fabrication of Novalac milk is carefully controlled, and ensures an exceptional quality. The production of the Novalac range is performed at different sites throughout Europe, including France and Germany. Our quality output exceeds the legal requirements.


The choice of milk producers

The milk producers we select to supply milk for manufacturing Novalac's formulas must follow our strict guidelines. This process ensures a global control of the flow and the high quality of the delivered milk that will be used for the infant formula production.


all Novalac milks contain fresh milk



The choice of dairy

In accordance with the current legislation, we garantee that the food given to the herd does not contain animal flour. Moreover, all precautions are taken to prevent the presence of any contaminant in our products such as: dioxins, pesticides, nitrate, just to name a few.


All Novalac milks are made with non genetically modified ingredients



The manufacturing controls

The entire manufacturing process of Novalac milk is in line with the international standards ISO 9001 : 2000.

More than 700 controls are performed before a tin of Novalac infant milk can be released. These rigid controls concern materials such as milk and water, the equipment used, the process and the finished products.
These physical, chemical, and microbiological controls ensure complete quality from the manufacturing stage to the packaging stage.