photo of a little girl playing with laboratory equipment

Novalac International Pediatric Research

October 15.2018

As we know that any theory cannot replace reality, Novalac formulas dedicated to infants with troubles are clinically tested in order to prove their efficacy and acceptability. Clinical studies are designed and carried out with field experts (pediatric allergologists, gastroenterologists, etc.)  and published in international pediatric journals.

photo of Micaela J. Glat

Novalac International Pediatric Research Award 2018

This award was granted to Micaela J.Glat, from the Medical University of Vienna for supporting her research project on the role of gestational iron deficiency in depression-like behavior of the adult offspring.


Novalac International Pediatric Research Award 2016

In 2016, this grant was allocated to Margarita Thanhäuser, resident in pediatrics in the Division of Neonatology, Pediatric Intensive Care and Neuropediatrics at Vienna General Hospital.

Her project entitled the PREWEAN Study, aimed to evaluate the impact of weaning in preterm infants on anthropometry, body composition, atopy and neurodevelopmental outcomes. 


Novalac International Pediatric Research Award 2014

In 2014, we were pleased to congratulate Julie Fudvoye, resident in paediatrics and a PhD student from the University of Liège, Belgium for her project on gestational and early postnatal exposure to EDC (Endocrine disruptors) mixtures.